“I always appreciate reading your words, and I am always floored at how moving your writing is.

Research Writing

As a rhetoric and writing scholar and former teacher of writing, I am trained and experienced in research and researching writing on a diverse set of topics.

Blog Writing

I have been blogging since the early days of the internet on a variety of platforms for personal and professional positions.

Social Media Writing

I have managed social media for my own small business and for other professional spaces.

Creative Writing

I’ve been writing creatively for 30 years and have taken classes in everything from poetry to creative nonfiction.

Instructional Writing

As a former teacher, I have three years of experience writing content that clearly instructs while also being engaging.

Professional Writing

As a former senior-level manager, I have half a decade of experience writing content that provides direction in an approachable, community-focused tone.

Multimodal Writing

As a visual thinker, I always try to infuse multimodal writing in with more traditional composed texts, whether it’s a scholarly article or a blog post.

“Just listened to your reading. It was captivating and wise.”

“I could read anything you write.”

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