supported over 100 writers across 3 years of editing

“Kelin is FANTASTIC! She was super helpful and never made me feel stupid/silly for my writing that definitely needed some work.”

“Kelin was very helpful and she really helped me think about my flow and topic further than I was.”

“Kelin helped me a lot. She boosted my confidence in writing and I am truly thankful for that.”

“Kelin is very patient, clear and concise.”

“[Kelin] listened and felt what I was trying to say and she said back what I was trying to formulate in a sentence. This helped me with my sentence structure. I can be a little high strung, so her personality and comments really helped me focus and refine what I wanted to write about.”

“[Kelin’s] feedback on content, descriptive explanations on how to correct grammar mistakes/mechanics issues/usage issues in my current project as well as future writing projects and sense of humor which eased my anxiety during our editing session.”

“Kelin took everything I said and narrowed it down to help me focus in a topic since I’m a very broad person and have a lot to say about everything.”

managed over 100 student employees as editors over 4 years

“You helped me expand my vision and framework of thinking to include multiple, pluriversal voices that is at the core of doing decolonial working- rejecting homogeneity and being committed to pluriversality. Thank you for embodying this commitment. Thank you for your patience and trust. I believe that my undergraduate experience wouldn’t have been the same without my time at the UWC. The UWC has fundamentally and deeply impacted how I make meaning of the world and how I value human relationships.”

“Kelin is the definition of a supportive and caring Assistant Director of our UWC community. For instance, in one of her weekly emails sent in the Fall 2021 semester, Kelin wrote: “It’s the final week of classes and I know we’re all likely feeling the pressure. It’s both intense and stressful but also exhilarating, I think, because we’re so close to finishing. We made it! We did it!” Additionally, when discussing how hard this semester has been, she emphasized: “The fact that you all show up to school to do whatever your best may look like in that moment and to this job to also do your best with care and attention is remarkable. I hope you all are able to have restful and rejuvenating winter breaks!” Kelin cares about us not only as students and UWC workers but also as people. She is an incredible Assistant Director.”

“My time at the University Writing Center was made immeasurably better by my time spent with Kelin. She was constantly supportive, extremely communicative, and treated me like a university colleague and an academic rather than a simple student employee. Kelin is constantly on top of everything happening in the Center and around the campus, keeping everyone informed and ready for whatever comes next. She is able to plan three steps ahead at almost all times, in all circumstances. Her previous experience outside of academia allows her to bring a perspective to her work that not many in our belovedly bureaucratic can muster, which enables her to relate better than most, while at the same time contributing to an incredible work ethic and sense of what’s next that leaves anyone feeling secure in their direction after speaking to her. Her work as Assistant Director is unparalleled. She is undoubtedly one of the finest administrators I have ever worked for and will ever work for, and someone I see as a role model.”

“When I first met Kelin, I thought “no one is actually this kind all the time.” But Kelin has proved me wrong; in the four years I’ve known her, every interaction we’ve had has been filled with kindness, patience, and respect. She consistently positions herself as someone who the staff can turn to in times of distress, to talk through problems (both directly work-related and not), and to resolve conflicts. For Kelin, caring about people’s emotions isn’t just a surface-level feel-good endeavor– it’s hard work, and work that she does consistently. She encourages the staff to speak openly with one another even when it’s difficult or uncomfortable, modeling for us how to support one another and keep the community a thriving safe space. She finds time to check in, even in the Writing Center’s busiest weeks. Kindness for her is not the same thing is niceness. Kindness is an intentional practice that shapes every aspect of how she interacts with the world. Kindness is an absolute commitment to social justice, and she does everything she can to make sure that our policies and our practice create space for everyone to thrive.”

“Her ability to support employees professionally but also genuinely listen and empathize with them is crucial to the sustained growth of the Writing Center as a communal space. On a personal level, beyond the scholarship and professional guidance and mentorship, Kelin was always the first person to reach out, to check in. Kelin exhibited leadership and support in many ways, and during my time at IUPUI her empathy and compassion were integral to the construction of the UWC as a place of community. She actively embodied her own pedagogy and understanding of writing as a communal and collaborative process by mirroring that in the way she built community within the Center itself.”

taught 50 writing students across 2 years

“Professor Hull is hands down the best professor I have had.”

“I just want to say that Mrs. Hull has been the best teacher that I have ever had.”

“I have no constructive comments for her. She did everything nearly as perfect as possible. She is truly an incredible person.”

“Mrs. Hull was so attentive with her feedback. I have never had a teacher give as good as feedback that Mrs. Hull does.”

“First English class I’ll actually take anything away from.”

“KELIN HULL IS AMAZING. She is absolutely on the top 5 best professors I have had in all of college so far. She provides in depth feedback on all assignments and is extremely flexible and understanding with deadlines. She genuinely cares about her students
succeeding and that is what separates her from the majority of professors.”

“The feedback over the semester has helped me grow and learn to assess myself critically, a lesson in which I needed to learn. I appreciated it all.”

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